18 month old EE that always has runny poo/dirty bum

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    I have an 18 month old EE that has runny, liquidy, brown poo. Her feathers around her vent are always soiled. She is a big healthy girl otherwise and lays well. Her stool looks like brown pudding. What should I do for her? I have never wormed my chickens. All of my chickens free-range during the day on about 1 acre of fenced land. Now Henrietta is the only one that gets out and hangs out in the yard. She is always in the garage visiting so that is how I know it is her poo all over the concrete driveway [​IMG] Anyway, we all lover her to death and I don't want her to be sick and me not know. She has been this way at least for the past 9 months. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    I have looked on the "normal poo" link and think her poo is pretty normal. I'm concerned about her vent area becoming plugged up due to the poo stuck all around the feathers.
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