18 Orpington & 8 Split/Lavender Eggs


Jan 16, 2008
$45.00 Shipped. Hoping to Ship these out Wednesday the 10th if they sell in time. My post office closes at 5 P.M. eastern time.
My Paypal is: [email protected] If you win, please pay a.s.a.p. so I can ship them Wednesday to you.
Available are 18 orpington eggs out of my coop of 1 black split/lav roo with 2 blue,1 black,1 white and 1 brown Orpington hens.
Also included are 8 eggs from my coop of 2 Lav roos, 2 Lav hens and 6 Black Split/Lav hens.
Pictured are the birds that are supplying the Split/Lav eggs. Ignore black roo in front, he`s no longer in this coop. He IS however the Black roo over the blue,black,white and brown orp hens.

Thanks, Tony

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