18+ porcelain, cuckoo, splash & project silkie hatching eggs

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    Jan 22, 2011

    My incubators are full and all broodies are sitting on clutches also. I hate to see these eggs not turn into beautiful babies so up for your consideration is 12+ silkie eggs from my following pens: porcelain (3 porcelain silkie hens, 1 porcelain silkie roo, 1 porcelain showgirl roo, 1 lavender silkie hen & 1 lavender silkie roo **ALL THESE ARE BEARDED), cuckoo silkies (roo is non-bearded), & splash (1 splash silkie roo, 2 splash silkie hens, 3 blue silkie hens, 1 blue showgirl hen, 1 blue showgirl roo).

    The + eggs will come from my red & white paint silkie project pen. Fertility has not been the best as I have had some problems with my red & white paint silkie roo (he had an episode of wry neck, but is recovering WONDERFULLY!!!! and is starting to show interest in his girls again!!!). This is why these will be the extra eggs I send. In his pen there is 1 red & white non bearded roo, 1 red & white non bearded hen, 2 black & white paint non bearded hens, 1 white bearded hen, 1 white bearded roo & 2 partridge bearded hens (all silkies/NO showgirls). I CANDLED EGGS THIS MORNING (7/8/11) AND I DO HAVE SOME FROM THIS PEN THAT HAVE TAKEN. MORE THEN LIKELY THEY ARE FROM MY WHITE ROOSTER, BUT THERE ARE STILL 3 PAINT GIRLS (1 RED & WHITE, 2 BLACK & WHITE) IN THIS PEN. BABIES FROM THESE EGGS WILL BE A BEAUTIFUL SURPRISE!!!

    If laying continues to be as good as it has been in my pens then the + will also contain extras from my pens listed above.

    All birds are penned according to color.

    I cannot say exactly how many eggs from which pens you will get. These eggs will ship out as soon as the auction ends so payment is do ASAP.

    I have posted some of the birds' pictures, but there are many more on my website. If there is a specific picture of something you would like to see, please let me know and I will try to accomidate you.

    Now for the not so fun stuff: Even though I have had wonderful hatch rates, I cannot say that you will have the same. I will pack these eggs to the best of my ability, but once I drop them off at the post office they are out of my control. I wish I could promise that the carriers see the "FRAGILE HATCHING EGGS" posted on the box, but I cannot. There is always a risk with shipped hatching eggs. If you live close or with in driving distance, you are more then welcome to come and pick them up.

    Please be an informed bidder ~ if you have any questions, please contact me before bidding.






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