18+ Showgirl/Silky combo White, B/B/S


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Jan 24, 2009
Seller choice of eggs from our Silky/Showgirl pens. We're getting a great hatch rate here at our farm.

A blue pair of Silkies did very well this year at the Iowa State Fair, our bird was shown with his new owner on the cover of the results newsletter.

One pen has SG roo over Silky hens, 2nd pen has a combination of Silkies and Showgirls. The Silky/showgirl pen has some non bearded buffs added, as well as a couple of gray showgirls. **update** Nonbearded Buff Silkies as well as Bearded Partridge have been added to the combo pen.

I have an 85-90% hatch rate here, with great fertility. I will send you lots of extra eggs if I have them. Your eggs will be clean, and I go to great lengths to keep my breeding stock very healthy so you will have vigorous chicks! The eggs you pay for will be no older than 4 days old. Any others will be free or I throw them out.

I bubble wrap each egg individually and pack snuggly in a Bubble wrap lined USPS box so the eggs are not touching the sides. If you would like your eggs packed with another method, I would be happy to oblige. You will need to make any specifications with your payment.

I am unable to guarantee your hatch due to circumstances beyond my control. I will however, do everything I can to make sure your eggs get to you in viable condition. Each egg is wrapped in bubble wrap, to make a "pillow" shape. They are set in the box on top of layers of bubble wrap and packing peanuts, air cell up.

Feel free to browse our website, the web address is listed on the photos.

Shipping is $15.00 USPS Priority with Delivery confirmation. I will only ship within the USA, as I do not want to deal with Customs. Sorry! **Hawaii and Alaska customers, please contact me directly before placing your order. Special arrangements need to be made, so please do not bid on this auction.

If you would like to delay the shipment to coordinate with other's shipments, please let me know before bidding. Payment is due within 1 business day of winning the auction. Orders are shipped in the order of payment received. Paypal is the only method of payment accepted.

I reserve the right to not ship due to weather conditions. If this happens, I will refund your money and contact you to make other arrangements.

Happy Hatching!




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