18 week old Cochin Bantam, Silkie and Old English Bantam Cockrels For Sale- Melbourne, FL


6 Years
Aug 16, 2013
Melbourne, FL
I have 18 week old cockrels (roosters) available.

Quantities updated 12/15/13

3 Splash Cochin Bantams

1 Old English Ginger Red Bantam (SUPER friendly, love to sit on my lap or shoulder. Also super small at only 1 1/2 lbs full grown).

1 Splash Silkie

$5 each. Also willing to work out trades/partial trades for Wheaten or Lavender Ameraucanas, Partridge or Buff Silkies, D'Uccle Bantams, Blue or Magpie Call Ducks or hatching eggs of any of the above. All vaccinated against Mareks. Please PM me if interested. No shipping, pick up only. Thanks.
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We are looking to have 3 or 4 female chickens in our lil coop now that we have gotten a home...we cannot have roosters due to noise restrictions...I know I know...
We have had cochens and silkies in the past and saw your ad so...wondered what you have left!
My friend is driving from Melbourne to St. Augustine (where we live) so I was hoping that maybe she could pick up a lil family for us. Otherwise I will drive over when it works with your schedule.

Alison Byers
904 501 0888
Hi Alison. All quantities available are accurate at this time. Still very hard to tell sex on the cochins and silkies though. I could only make a best guess right now. The polish are a little bigger breed.... around 4 lbs full grown. Those I'm able to sex now. It's up to you whether you want to take the chance with the cochins or not. I'm happy to meet your friend but I work days so it would have to be an evening after 6pm or a weekend. You're welcome to PM me anytime. Thanks Tammy
Do you have any polish hens left? I am looking for a mate for my male polish. How much d you sell them for? And are they show quality?
Do you have any polish hens left? I am looking for a mate for my male polish. How much d you sell them for? And are they show quality?

Sorry. I do not have any hens left at this time, only 2 buff laced polish roos. I will have more in the spring. I've never shown but I would say that they're breeder to show quality. All have great feathering, lacing, crests and beards.
No sorry. I sold the last polish last week and probably won't have any other babies until early next year. I only have 3 splash cochin bantam roos and 1 ginger red old english roo left available this year.


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