18+ Wheaten/Blue Wheaten LF Ameraucana's Test Hatch

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Aug 31, 2008
Binghamton, NY
18+ LF Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Eggs

My wheaten and Blue wheaten breeders are ready to be tested. They have been laying for a few months and been with the rooster for well over a month. They are purebred large fowl and the eggs are a beautiful shade of blue. This is a test batch, and though I am certain these will develop just fine I can't guarantee a 100% hatch rate due to shipping.

Eggs are collected from last Saturday- this Saturday and will be shipped Monday. Eggs will be carefully packaged, and sent priority mail (a flat rate box) with a tracking number.

At this time I only accept paypal, to ensure egg freshness.

Here are the parents of these eggs.
This is the wheaten roo I used. I bought him from Jean (pips&peeps).

Here are some of them together...plus a nosy lavender pullet who is no longer in that breeding pen.

Blue wheaten hen (picture was taken a couple months ago.)

I wish I could get some pictures of the eggs outside in the natural light but it is supposed to rain for the next 2 days.

Eggs collected today, indoors with flash, white paper towel is under the carton

Same eggs, indoors without flash, white paper towel is under the carton
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I've been banned from buying hatching eggs until next spring...................................................................................


Gorgeous birds though.
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those other ones I offered are still on my table if you still want them...got the box with your name on it already.

ahhhh Im on day 10 in bator -Bob offered me more too and I turned him down too-Do you know how hard that is with you guys and your eggs? Its killing me!!!!! if Lovins has her egg party in late Winter Ill be all over some of them!!!!! right now with the two brooders in bathroom and bator runing Im hosed-they are already starting to smell with cleaning them out everyday-I need a bigger house--LOL

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