18 + white egg combo Blue Andalusian Golden Lakenvelder Okla. sold

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    Oct 25, 2007
    (sold 18 + combo of the andalusian and lakenvelders)
    I have a 18 plus white egg combo. This egg offer is still available just about any time.
    You will get
    6 + pure Blue Andaluaian
    6+ pure Golden Lakenvelder
    6+ white leghorn x barred rock cross
    If you like color and white eggs this is for you .
    $43 shipping added
    shipping is USPS 2 day priority
    Pay by pay pal eggs will ship Friday or sat your pick.
    This is links to the pictures of the Blues and Goldens.



    The white leghorn eggs are from pure leghorn hens bred to pure barred rock roosters, the eggs from the pullets from this cross should be large light tinted and the chicks could be all barred.
    The Blues and the Goldens are first year layers the blues are med sized eggs the Goldens are small eggs.

    I have eggs from all 3 breeds that are hatching right now. My fertility is great.
    This offer is still available, I can also do the one breed of your pick. Just let me know.
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