18 Wk Barred Rock Dead this morning


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Mar 28, 2016
Jennings Lodge, OR

First off I am new to chicken keeping. With that said, I had a BR yesterday hiding under a bush when roosting time came. My hubby did a head count after they had been free ranging, while we put a new feeder in, and notice we were missing one.

When I found her, she was just standing there. She didn't even try to get away. She took a few steps, sqwaked as I picked her up and placed her in the coop. We let the roosting routine take place and she never went in. She just decided to sit under the board. Well, we decided to quarantine her with water. her comb was pale. When I held her, I could not feel her heartbeat.... She just sat.

Needless to say, she was dead this morning. When we picked her up, here is what we saw (see pics--sorry if too graphic). Not sure what was wrong with her. Yesterday was the only day she showed any physical signs of anything.... Top one was near her mouth and the second one near her bottom. Any help appreciated.

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