18th day 03-20-2012

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    Those who had set on 03-02-2012, lock down is tomorrow...the 18th day. I'm locking down on the 18th day...some say the 19th. But I'm not taking any chances since this is my first hatch. I candled tonight (last time I swear). and going into lock down tomorrow. What are you doing for your lock down?

    Putting the eggs on towels? Using sponges? What are your plans???

    So far, I'm planning on putting a paper towel down on the grate so when they hatch it's not too much of a mess. Is it a good idea to spread out the eggs so that if one hatches it doesn't trumple the others? or is it better to put them near each other. i'm putting a small bowl with water and a sponge in the incubator as well as filling the bottom up with water to bring up the humidity. Is there a thing as too much humidity? If there is too much humidity will it do something to the chicks?

    What time is your lock down? :
    Mine is at 8:30pm... that's when I put the eggs in on 03-02-2012.
    Does time matter? or should I put it in lock down in the morning since I will be out for part of the day. (i will be back prior to 8:30pm)

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