19 American Fantail Pigeons


9 Years
May 2, 2010
Meadville, PA
I have 19 (I think) American Fantail pigeons that need to go. I've got over 90 pigeons total, and I've got scale back to a more manageable number. Anyone who raises pigeons, knows how fast they multiply! Anyway, most of these birds (if not all) are 2 years old and less. I do not have individual photos, but there are some photos in this album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.659728138020.2115879.65902923&type=3 . Most of them are the darker color. I'm asking $100, plus shipping. I know I can fit them in four boxes (2 boxes taped together making two separate packages), but I would have to test it out to see if I could fit them all in 3 boxes, as one package (for shipping purposes). PM me if you're interested and would like to discuss shipping options.

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