19 bbred, red ginger, and blue red ginger Phoenix hatching eggs

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    19 bbred, red ginger & blue red ginger hatching eggs
    $150 price includes shipping..
    These are all from nonmolting stock and our bbreds and red gingers have been known to produce growth rates of up to 6 ft a year.
    There are two blue ginger hens in with the bbreds so you may get gingers or blue gingers from them.. Blue gingers over blue gingers will make splash red gingers..
    We pack well and ship via USPS Priority Mail Fully INSURED!
    We have had good results with shipping hatching eggs with our packing methods.. Eggs are packed in cushioned cartons and then packed a large box full of packing materials.. Boxes are clearly marked and we do all we can to insure you get a good hatch.
    Thank you for your interest in our birds.

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