1913 Newspaper Clipping about Pendulous Crops in Turkeys


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ha to the left is an article on Getting the Turkeys Ready for Early Market.
I wonder how far they are shipping plucked birds that have the guts in them with no refrigeration method noted:barnie

Cooling.—After the feathers are all pulled, the fowls must be cooled before packing. If it is near night and they could be hung outdoors, so much the better, as then all heat would be out before packing. But if they have to be shipped very far to a market, one cannot afford to keep them over night and the cooling must be done with cold water. After they are taken out of the water, be very sure to wipe each one perfectly dry, even If it takes two cloths to do the work, for if any moisture be left on the meat and the shipment should be delayed on the way, every last one of your turkeys might be discarded. So you see it pays to be careful over the little things. Now having dried the turkeys, the packing comes next. Be sure that you do not draw the birds, and it is well to leave just a few feathers on the first wing joint. Have good clean boxes or barrels to ship in; if you use boxes, those that will hold two tiers are the best. Line the sides and bottom of the box with clean wrapping paper and lay the first tier of birds in rows on the back. The next tier should be placed in the opposite direction, so that whichever way the box is opened, bottom or top, the turkeys will be found back to the box. A clean layer of paper should cover the turks before nailing on..."


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the little blurb about them trying to popularize refrigerated eggs is neat // the article is from october mind you


As part of a campaign to remove the prejudice against storage foodstuffs, 240,000 eggs were given away in Chicago at the International Refrigeration Exposition. The eggs were laid last April, and samples were tested a few days ago by experts from the United States Department of Agriculture."
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