1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Gold Edition in Ohio

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    Aug 16, 2008
    1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Gold Edition All Wheel Drive, runs good.

    Rocker panels are bad. 5.2 liter V8. Recently changed oil, New Thermostat, new alternator, new power steering high pressure hose, and had tune up in June.

    Needs work, but runs and is being driven short distances daily (like 5 miles to the store and back).

    4WD works great.

    Fully loaded, inside dash looks like a airline cockpit (even tells you the temp outside and lets you set the temp for inside). Leather interior. A/C doesn't work, might need re-charged. Tilt/cruise, power windows, alarm system but no remote on keyring (I never had it). Cassette player, but will include CD player that you can install to replace cassette player.

    Selling because I need a 7 passenger for my family. We have five kids, and well, we just don't fit in this thing as a family.

    I'm asking $1000 OBO.

    Pick up only.

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