19th day and hen pooped on eggs!

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  1. katamsie

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    Jan 14, 2017
    My Silkie hen has been sitting on 5 eggs and we are now at day 19 and she pooped on her eggs. Should I risk cleaning them or let it nature take its course? I don't want to interfere too much if I don't need to.

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    "I've washed dirty eggs and had them hatch with no problem. I think it makes it worse to try to wipe off poo, or dried egg, or other grime, with no water to rinse it away. Sort of like applying stain to wood. It probably pushes a lot more ick into the shell than if you just washed them well, in warm water, with a little soap. The water flushes the dirt off of the egg, a dry sponge or cloth rubs it in. I don't think the risk of removing the "bloom" is worse than leaving bacteria laden poo on the eggs, or worse, rubbing it in. Remember that poop also contains digestive enzymes and acids, which may actually weaken and erode the shell, making it more vulnerable to contamination. I'd give it up and wash them off. I suspect that most of this bloom gets rubbed off under the hen anyway, if it's all that delicate. If pencil, crayon and even dried egg will rub off, so will the bloom.

    I had a new broody this year, who pooped on the eggs at first. I found it right away, because I check under my broodies daily. I cleaned her, the eggs, and the nest. Then I took her off the eggs everyday for a short time. Then she started getting off the nest by herself. I think she just needed help setting a pattern, with these new urges she was feeling. She now has babies, and is happy."
    By: dancingbear
    I found this on thread about the same thing.
    Also, you should take your hen off her eggs once or twice a day to make sure she has the chance to poop, eat, and drink. The only thing I wouldn't do that is mentioned in this post is use soap. I'd like to hear how it works out for you. Good luck on your hatch!
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    NO, Why is she pooping on her eggs------you would Not be feeding her or having feed nest to her nest would you? That if for Sure a way to get the eggs pooped on. Just in case this is the problem No Food or water close to the nest----she WILL get up and eat/drink and Poop when she gets ready----well unless someone has it at her nest. I have set eggs all my adult life but just a little over 150 hens in 3 years and never have pooped eggs---even Silkies And I NEVER take a one off the nest---they get off when they want and they will.

    I would NEVER remove 19 day old eggs from under a broody hen. For that Matter I would never tilt to even look under a hen setting on 19 day old eggs---cause the moisture to escape. All my hens hatch virtually every fertile egg under then---one once and a while don't make it but better that 99% does.
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    Jan 14, 2017
    No. I am not feeding her near her nest. She has been eating, drinking and eliminating regularly and this is the first time she did this. It seems not to be that much, so I am leaving her be.
    Thanks for your help.
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    I'll leave this one up to the experts input and just say hello, it's nice to have you here.

    Good luck with your hatch!
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    Sending GOOD hatching vibes your way [​IMG][​IMG]. Silkies generally make the best broody mamas. Sometimes silkie dads also help out & keep eggs warm while mama takes a break.

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