1lpoock egg results with pics, + pics of packaging! PIC HEAVY!!!

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    These are the eggs I tested for 1lpoock. Excellent job on packaging! The eggs were shipped in a flat rate shipping box. Very well marked with Fragile and Hatching Eggs wrote on the box. Eggs were held at P.O. and was very well marked for this as well. Inside the box, there was a layer of paper, 2 layers of foam, the eggs were then placed in a thick piece of foam inside holes (see pictures) followed by 2 more layers of foam, and more paper. Pictures are of the entire process.

    Steps of opening:







    The eggs "resting":

    Out of the 12 eggs, I had 6 white and 6 brown eggs. I wasn't around for the candling halfway through as I was in the hospital because my daughter was born on 9-2-09, my husband did the candling so I didn't get pictures of this.

    The eggs were put in the bator on 8-27-09 and they were due to stop turning on 9-15-09 and hatch on 9-18-09.

    On 9-15-09 we took the 12 eggs out of the incubator. Candled them (my camera was dead, so again I got no pics) Out of the 6 White eggs all 6 showed positive development and movement. Out of the 6 Brown eggs, 3 had positive development and movement. Those 9 went to the hatching tray. The remaining 3 (one was a giant egg) 2 showed what may have been early quitters, and 1 I couldn't tell. The yolks all seemed scrambled and almost like they were starting to quit. Could have been a fertility problem, incubation problem, or shipping(though with the technique of shipping I don't think it was that)

    Out of the 9 eggs that went into the bator, I have 7 healthy happy chicks. Due to the large number of chicks I had hatching with these, I opened the bator halfway through to remove some of the chicks and I'm guessing this dropped my humidity and I ended up loosing 2 of these sweet babies as they got stuck in their shell and died. Now here are the Chicks!



    I got 6 of the "yellow/white" chicks and 1 of the "red" chicks... this was out of 5 white eggs and 1 brown. Here is a color comparison picture

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    They are cuties! Kinda like puppies ~ you wish they stay little forever. [​IMG]

    Congrats on the birth of your daughter!
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    Aww...thanks so much for this awesome post...covers everything i wanted in a tester. When I incubated I only tried my white eggs and got one white chick....he is now the biggest and head of the flock. This really makes me want to incubate some brown ones...i really like that little brown chick, can't wait to see how he turns out!

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