1mo old roo crowing???


Apr 28, 2020
Fayetteville, GA
Hi all-
A friend gave me 6 chicks exactly 1 month ago. Easter eggers & marans.
They were born 1-2 days before she gave them to me. Turns out 4 of them are roos. With so many roos they seem to be struggling to figure out pecking order. 2 nights ago I thought it was settled when I checked on them before bed & 1 roo (Slash) was up on the roost with the others huddled together in the pine shavings below. Then yesterday morning when I took them out to their playpen for a while they all ganged up on Slash & started attacking him. I stepped in, picked him up to check his eyes for injuries, then set him back down. He ran between my feet & stayed there for a few mins looking a bit stunned.
This morning around 6:30am I heard a strange call coming from the brooder. Sounded nothing like my other older roo who is starting to try to crow. I ran in to check on them & found little Slash up on the roost making that strange, hi-pitched call. One other roo was up there but about a foot away from him.
1. Am I imagining things or was Slash really trying to crow? Could yesterday’s events have prompted him to start trying earlier than usual in order to establish himself among so many roo’s?
2. What is a good age for me to start thinking about rehoming 2 or 3 of my little roo’s?
Nov 28, 2017
It’s normal to try to crow at that age. I think it just comes down to maturity. My xbreed cockerel started crowing at 6 weeks and sounded like a strangled cat. My Silkie started crowing at 8 months.

I’d start looking for homes now while they’re small and quiet, people seem put off by teenager cockerels.

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