1st Broody hen!!! AH! Questions...

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    My sweet buff O girl decided apparently that she wants to be a momma...we were oot for a few days and didn't pick up there eggs (we only have 4 girls-2 are being stubborn layers) so we just figured we'd discard them BUT she I suppose thought they looked perfect for her to hatch and decided to go broody on me. I'm VERY sure...she refuses to leave the nest unless coaxed out with scratch (and even then she eats, drinks and RUNS back into them! [​IMG])

    SO, questions...how many eggs are TOO many for her to be sitting on?

    I really don't know exactly when she started sitting on them but i know the 21 days usually...BUT WHAT if none are fertile/hatch? ((we do have 1 roo)) She is so dedicated! I don't know if I should wait a day or two and candle them or just leave them? [​IMG] i would hate her to do all this work for nothing even though were going to have to sell/give the chicks away anyways [​IMG]

    Can anyone help a little? Thanks so much!!! I know I CAN read books...I just was curious on YOUR opinion/experience. [​IMG]
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    Since you're not worried about producing chicks for yourself, i would leave those eggs. If even one hatches, that will satisfy her, and break her brood. If you have a rooster, you probably have fertile eggs. Have you ever checked when you're fixing breakfast? Do you have perfectly round bullseyes on your yolks?

    How many is too many? If she can cover them all, she's in good shape. With mine, a dozen is usually pretty close to the limit.

    If you decide to candle, wait until day ten or so. I don't candle anymore, but i did in the beginning, and it helped me to learn. If i were you, i would just check some of your eggs for a fertility mark (if you haven't already), and if you find that you have fertile eggs, i would leave her alone and mark your calendar.
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    Feb 22, 2010
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    Ok cool...I know theres not a dozen under her...maybe 8-10. i should go count!!!
    I'll look into looking for the fertility mark...I did try and candle a few and have looked immensely at pics on here and just that i searched and keep quesitoning myself on the gestation and what im seeing! [​IMG] I'll try and maybe wait and just see what happens...and you know...my best friends mom JUST told me about the whole bullseye on the yolk so im about to have to eggs so i can look! lol! THANK you so much!
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    I suggest you read this thread. It contains good info whether you isolate or not. If you choose to not isolate the hen, please pay attention to the comments about marking the eggs and checking under her daily. Those are important. And don't get too stressed out about whether to isolate or not. Hens have been successfully doing it both ways for thousands of years.

    Isolate a Broody? Thread

    BTW, I agree with PunkinPeep's comments. As usual, she's using common sense.

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