1ST BROODY HEN!!!!!! need advice/help!!! [pix]


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Dec 28, 2009
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So my hen has gone broody...my first broody hen! Very exciting and nerve wrecking! Any ways, this is her, Betsy:

She's over about 9-10 eggs, a mix of fertile/non fertile (we only have one roosters for 7 hens). I just came back from candling them, and some are obviously not fertile, and I was only able to recognize one (maybe more..) that were already starting to develop veins. she has been broody for about 5 days now. Some eggs were questionable so so far only about 2 re confirmed to hatch. Will this be ok? Or must there be more chicks to be a successful hatch? And I have also looked into getting some more fertile eggs (I can't help myself)..or should I resist the temptation?!

This is where she is broody, and I was thinking of taking down two of the dividers closest to the hen, and put chicken wire on the outside, for the chicks safety. Any help will be appreciated!!!! Thanks!

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Apr 11, 2009
I suggest getting rid of any eggs which are not developing, and to NOT add any eggs at this point. You won't want eggs hatching a week apart once they begin hatching.

My broody hen hatched just one egg her first time back in December and then two days ago she hatched four out of five!

I like your idea of remvoing the two dividers and adding chicken wire in front of the nest boxes.

Good luck! Relax! The momma will take care of everything!
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