1st chicken died this morning

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    Have had my chickens about 4 1/2 months, They're about 7 months old now. Been laying for about a month. Got home from work this morning & chickens were running around doing chicken stuff. Gave them a couple tomatos. Went out an hour later & a RIR hen was laying on the ground barely moving. Died about 5 minutes later. She was the roosters favorite so I don't know if they could of broke her back/neck or what. I started out with 6 birds, 2 that turned out to be roosters. They were taking turns with her when I found her. Any other ideas as to what could of happened or caused it or a disease I should be aware of? Their coop is elevated & they do tend to fly out the door sometimes. They only free range occasionally & are supervised when out, Haven't let them out in about a week as I have been on OT at work & didn't have time to spend watching them but they are out daily in an enclosed run.
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    Finding a chicken dead suddenly is always difficult, especially if you haven't noticed symptoms. Sometimes hens at laying age will die from some reproductive issue or the stress on the heart and other organs at that time. Chickens do break their necks, but you will find them dead and never know why. If you have time later today to do a necropsy on your chicken, you may learn a few things in case something else happens. Take some pictures of the organs and post them. Many chicken owners necropsy their chicken and can give opinions. Notice any usual things about her--any swelling around the face or eyes, look inside her mouth and throat, look her body over for any wounds or marks, lice or mites. During an autopsy you can open the intestines to look for worm infestation. You may not find out the cause, but the next time you may know what to look for.
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    I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I haven't experienced that yet. I do think the necropsy would be helpful if you can do it. I am nursing a sick girl now.When the time comes I plan to do a necropsy b/c I am totally perplexed as to the actual problem. I think learning as much as we can will help our future gals. Best to you &your flock!

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