1st egg a disaster...what happend!?

GreenSpirit Hydro

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Aug 22, 2008
I found one of my Red Star's in the hatching section of my Eglu and I knew she was putting her first egg out. Later I investigated and found nothing put a yolk covered in ants? What gives? There was no shell just egg yolk. Did she or one of the other chickens eat the shell and leave the yolk? Did she crush the shell to oblivion? Any thoughts?
I wouldn't call that a disaster. Give the poor girl some credit where credit is due, its her first egg, give her a break and some osyter shells. I'm sure the next one will be better.
It is pretty common for the first egg to be shelless. It may happen more than once. Don't worry though, she will get it figured out soon. Congrats on your first egg!!

I think it's fairly normal to have abnormal eggs in new-layers. It sounds like she just laid a yolk with no shell at all. I would put out some oyster shell if you haven't already and hope for the best!
Switch to Layer and provide the shells separately. If you mix the shells with the food, they are more likely to dump more food out when they don't feel like eating the oyster shell. I offer mine in a little cup that clips on the wire; I think it's a rabbit food cup.

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