1st Egg! Cheated;)


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Jul 24, 2009
My girls are now 20 weeks old so I have been on egg watch constantly. AN hour ago I took a flashlight to look under the deck and there was my 1st egg cracked open! I tried to fish it out for a photo. There is only about a 8-10 inch clearance under the deck. I'm sure it did not help that an old white dog ball was under there! Cheated out of my 1sy egg, I am crushed. No pun intended. I am blocking the area temporarily with firewood. I am tearing the house apart looking for anything that resembles a fake egg. All I have found is a silly putty container. No golf ball. Any suggestion? I have 2 strikes against me: egg under the deck and someone tasted that yummy egg.
I dug up in the attic and luckily found some plastic pull-apart kids Easter eggs, after tearing the house apart for anything that would resemble an egg.
Do I get bragging rights? This was a HUGE and perfect egg! I can just taste it;) I was covered with mud and still could not recover it from the deck crawl space. Hope I fair better tomorrow.
When one of my eggs was pecked open, I put a couple of egg shaped stones in the nest. The hens really liked them, and keep gathering them into the nest to sit on. No more pecking after that!
Wooden eggs work well also. I bought mine from cutlersupply.com
The price is a bit cheaper than those big name suppliers. I just checked and the wooden eggs are in the egg trays, cartons, & accessories section. Price is $9.15/ dz + SH. These are for the chicken sized wooden eggs. They have about six different sizes.
I order most of my supplies from this company because thier prices are lower than most other places.
I couldn't find any plastic easter eggs so I went to the dollar store and picked up some fake fruit (lemons and limes). they were super cheap and worked quite well. Almost anything round will work but I try to avoid anything too hard that may crack any egg that hits it.

YES you get bragging rights! One of your girls did lay their first egg. It's not her fault it got smooshed (or your's either)! A good sized first egg is something to brag about!

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