1st Egg Day Today?????

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    Hearing a bit of commotion in the hen house this morning, I went to check out why. Recently, I have observed my BR kicking out the golf balls from the nest's. I would diligently replace them- today it was a leghorn attempting to kick out the golf balls in a certain nest. (same nest I observed the BR doing so) Thinking they possibly didn't want/like the golf balls, I removed them even while the leghorn had her backside to me. As soon as this was done, she laid down facing outward. Then it seemed as though the commotion got really boistrous in the coop. [​IMG] [​IMG] Even the roo was standing by the door, cackling like crazy. [​IMG] Strangely, many of the other hen's gather around the nesting hen. The cackling & carrying on seem's to get loud for a while, then intermittently starts up again in a few minutes. They are all 21 weeks & 4 days today. Is this thier announcement something is about to happen? [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I also noticed they have stopped "pooping IN the nest's! [​IMG] I have my fingers crossed for today's outcome!!!!
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    Congratulations!! We had our first egg last Wed, another Thur, none on Friday, then 2 yesterday!!

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