1st hatch early; 1st there were 6

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    1st baby died trying to get out, ants got it. Moved mom and eggs to dog house; then there were 5, 1 baby drowned in downpour while I was at work [​IMG]; then there were 4, went out on Sat and only 2 babies 1 missing and mom standing over the other, looked like she may have stepped on it; found the snake [​IMG] , it is dead now and so, now there are 2 little babies left. It's been a week for sure. [​IMG]

    Edited to add: but I still have 2 eggs in the incubator [​IMG]
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    Oh no! It's so hard to lose the babies after they made it all the way to hatch time and worked so hard to get out! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If it makes you feel better, all the things that happened to your ducklings were out of your control. I forgot to add water to my hatcher to keep the humidity up last week and ended up killing at least 4 (possibly 7 - I dunno if those other eggs were going to hatch anyways though) ducklings that were pipped into the air cell and ready to hatch - killed them because I was too busy to think to add the water to the incubator that would have kept them from shrink-wrapping and suffocating. [​IMG]

    Good luck with those last two eggs! [​IMG]

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