1st Hatch many Questions, Brinsea Mini Eco HELP Yesterday!!!!!!

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    Hey everyone I have some questions I didn't even think about till now
    I set my 9 eggs on March 5th at 8am adding 21 days thinking Monday the 26th will be hatch day???? well tonight I checked and counted calendar days and low and behold Sunday is Hatch day? Is this correct, or do I not count the first set day? I just added 21 to 5 and thought the 26th but now I'm thinking I should lock down tomorrow not Saturday??? so what day is really day 19?

    I was also wondering when do I start the chick food? My original chicks came 3 days mail from P.P and I started them out with scrambled eggs and water with ACV that same day, then about 3 hours later I fed some more scrambled eggs with chick feed sprinkled on it, didn't have any trouble with those babies and didn't loose any, a few got pasty butt, so now I'm at a loss as too when to start feeding and should I use the same protocol, seeing as how they will be less stressed hatching here and only being moved to the brooder, not 3 days in a dark box alone in the mail? and they have the egg sack to absorb and that takes up too 3 days? correct .
    Also any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated, seeing as how this is my first incubator and 1st hatch, I set originally 9 eggs but when I candled at day 8, 1 was bad when I opened it it was like scrambled, and a blood ring, if this helps in anything..
    also wondering when do I remove them from the bator 24 hours? the paper towel in there is already damp/wet from the humidity should I change again before hatch, or leave it. and what if they don't all hatch at the same time, should I wait to remove them until all have hatched? this incubator is pretty tiny and not much room in there for babies and eggs??? TY Kim
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