1st pip. Thanks goodness!!


8 Years
Feb 6, 2011
Sterling, CO
I posted yesterday that I thought maybe the eggs would not hatch, We are now at 23 days and just had first pip. I'm so excited and my little kids are too. They are 4 & 5 yrs so this is a real wonderful and new experience for them. I tried to take a pic but you can't really see on the camera so...

These are our home mix layer flock. This is one of the RIR eggs and either a full size EE or bantam cochin. Long story, but we had a pen of bantams & one for our layers. Last summer something got to them and killed 8 chickens and 2 ducks in 1 night. I only had the 1 little bantam left so put him with our layers so he wouldn't be alone. So these are anyone's guess as to what mix. Have another RIR egg and a tan egg from some other hen left to hatch still.

Glad you have a few on their way and hope the rest hatch alright to.

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