1st TABLE-TOP SERAMA SHOW in TEXAS!!! @ Fancy Feathers Show 3/10/2012


Little TX Seramas
9 Years
Jun 21, 2010

5th Annual "Fancy Feathers 4-H Open Chicken Show”
APA/ABA/SCNA sanctioned
March 10, 2012
Comal County Fairgrounds
701 Common Street, New Braunfels, TX

SCNA Judge: Scott Thompson

 All are eligible to compete for awards (subject to Fancy Feathers Show rules and requirements).

 To enter the Lone Star State Serama Show, please use the Fancy Feathers Chicken Show Entry/Registration form. Subject to their show rules, submission deadlines and entry fees apply. http://fancyfeatherstx.org/OpenChickenShow.aspx
No additional entry fee for the table-top serama show.

Send an email with the entry details to: [email protected]
or mail to: Lone Star State Serama Council
4755 An County Rd 2212, Palestine, TX 75803

Entry details needed:
1) Variety: smooth, frizzled, or silkied
2) Type: Cock, Cockerel, Hen, Pullet
3) Division: Open or Youth
4) How many?

For example,
Smooth, Cockerel, Open, 2
Frizzled, Hen, Youth, 1

 The SCNA Standard of Perfection will be used. http://www.scnaonline.org/standards-and-judging.html

 Winners of awards will be listed in the LSSSC and SCNA websites

 A short instructional demo about table-top showing will be performed before show judging starts


For more information or questions, please email [email protected]
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Champion of Show, open
Reserve of Show, open

Champion of Class Cock, open
Reserve Champion of Class Cock, open

Champion of Class Cockerel, open
Reserve Champion of Class Cockerel, open

Champion of Class Hen, open
Reserve Champion of Class Hen, open

Champion of Class Pullet, open
Reserve Champion of Class Pullet, open

Champion of Show, youth
Reserve of Show, youth

Champion of Class Cock, youth
Reserve Champion of Class Cock, youth

Champion of Class Cockerel, youth
Reserve Champion of Class Cockerel, youth

Champion of Class Hen, youth
Reserve Champion of Class Hen, youth

Champion of Class Pullet, youth
Reserve Champion of Class Pullet, youth

Champion Silkied - Open and Jr
Champion Frizzled -Open and Jr

This will be a table top show with whites shown along with all other colors, so there are no special awards for whites.

Q1: What is "table-top" show?

Serama are judged in a Tabletop-judging scheme. The birds are individually judged and evaluated while standing free on a table in front of one or more judges.

This sets the Serama apart from what most chicken breeders are used to since all other breeds are simply picked up then placed back into their cages. Therefore, the Serama must not only fit the standard in appearance but it must also have the correct behavior and be easy to handle.

Below is an excerpt from the serama Standards and Judging article:

Judging Instructions
In posing the American Serama one should use either one's hand or judging stick to slowly move the head backwards so the eye lines up with the leg. In doing so the back of the comb will come in contact with the two main sickles on a male or the top two tail feathers on a female.

Once the eye is in line with the leg one should notice that the large wings are downward sloping or vertical as called for in the American Serama Standard.

Also the breast is thrust upright and the American Serama is posed in an upright manner.
When posed thus one can clearly see the breed characteristics that make up the breed; namely the moderately large upright tail, large downward sloping to vertical wings and upright breast.

One should always keep in mind that this is an upright breed unlike so many breeds developed in America that are horizontal in shape.
Refreshing this thread.

The show is 1 week away!

March 10, 2012
701 Common Street
New Braunfels, TX
The table-top judging will probably start around noon. but demos and presentations about table-top showing will happen every hour starting at maybe around 9am until the actual judging starts. The main show will start at 10am. No specific end time. I think there will be some vendors there at the show selling stuff but I am not sure about chickens for sale. Hope to see you there!

I am not entering a chicken but would like to watch, what time does it start and end? Does anybody sell chickens there or other supplies?


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