1st time baking/eating duck eggs!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Dec 5, 2010.

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    Not to bad at all! I made brownies yesterday and they were really moist, broke a part when I tried cutting them because they were so moist, but still a little warm. Just made my youngest son duck scrambled eggs and I had a taste and not bad at all, actually a bit more of a sweeter taste then chicken eggs, and my son just said "They are really, really good mom!" She has laid 5 eggs so far, but now we only have 1 left. I plan on baking a cake later after she gives us more eggs. But so far all but 1 had the white centered fertility disk. NOT telling my boys that, I've been telling them they probably aren't fertile because of how incredibly cold it is outside and them freezing or close to freezing on the inside. But the poor girl, so dang tired and weak after laying her egg. Still waiting on my vitamins/electrolites to come in the mail. Now that I tasted a small bite of scrambled egg, I'm more accepting on eating them. My stomach was turning a bit as I was cracking them and seeing the fertility disk and remembering how it all started. They did have a different smell as they were cooking. But now I know that Oreo's egg laying won't go in vein.
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    I adore duck eggs. Much better than chicken eggs! And if you use fresh goats milk along with duck eggs in cooking it is superb!

    I like my duck eggs scrambled with a little bit of cheese. I did not like eating chicken eggs this way. And when I eat duck eggs I feel so much better than when I eat chicken eggs. Don't know if it is just in my head or what but I have more energy and am more peppy.
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    we no longer eat chicken eggs unless we run out of duck eggs!!!!

    Duck eggs are the best so far!!

    When cooking anything, we use what the recipe says.....use 2 large eggs....OK, but we use 2 LARGE DUCK eggs!!!
    we love them!
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    Jul 26, 2009
    I agree, duck eggs are the best, especially for baking things that are egg-critical, like angel food and chiffon cakes.

    My duck quit laying in the summer when I let her sit on a batch, and I have had only chicken eggs since. Now, I've got 3 Rouen hens. Last year, she started to lay around New Years after the daylight started to go the other way past solstice. Looking forward to duck eggs again.
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    Aug 20, 2010
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    Oh ducks eggs my fav for sure........ I feed hubby the chicken eggs and the kid and I eat the duck eggs. My son is funny. He is in JK (he just turned 4) and he takes them to school for lunch. His teacher is shocked that he knows they are duck eggs not just eggs. And he tells her....Mrs Ward we eat all the eggs that don't have babies in them. Mrs Ward I like the quail eggs to. For some people it is so mind over matter.......
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    Quote:I don't think it's all in your head. Duck eggs have more good fats and protein that our bodies can use for energy. I get the same reaction. [​IMG]
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    I LOVE duck eggs. I only eat chicken eggs when my ducks go on strike. My hubbies favorite thing for me to make with them is corn bread. Mmmmmm Duck eggs are great anyway you cook them.

    About that white disks, all eggs will have that some larger then others. If the egg is fertil it will have a big bullseye.

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