1st time Broody on day 10 - Bad news and Good...


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12 Years
Jun 1, 2007
Northern York County ~ Pennsylvania
My BO hen Goldie went broody over 3 weeks ago. Since I don't have a rooster I got 12 EE/Russian Orloff mix eggs from Elisa (Subirdban Farm). I put them under Goldie on 4/1. I haven't candled them and didn't know for sure if they were developing.

Today when I was checking Goldie I found that one of the eggs had a big cracked depression on one side so i took that one out. Since I knew that it would not survive anyway I cracked it the rest of the way to check if it was developing and sure enough there was a tiny baby chick inside.

It was very sad to lose one like that, but also exciting to know that it was growing and I hope that the rest are too! This is my very first try at incubating eggs so I'm hoping to get at least a couple of chicks. Goldie is such a good little broody - she doesn't even growl or peck at me when I check on her - she is really sweet and should make a good mommy.


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