1st time bumblefoot surgery - pics attached

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    Jan 20, 2015
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    Well, I did it: washed the foot (probably not good enough but I didn't want to scrub it too hard and hurt her), soaked it in warm Epsom salt water, removed the scab (I had to cut around it with a single side razor to get it free), and pulled the kernel out.

    Then I resoaked and fished for more, repeat, repeat, but only got a tiny bit more and managed to make the hole look ragged. My poor hen took it very well, only tried pulling her foot away a little twice.

    I put neosporin on a gauze pad and wrapped her foot in vet wrap. I'll check and change in two days. Here's hoping she heals ok!

    I am going to order a scalpel for next time. Any suggestions on where to get one, and what kind or size? That razor was hard to work with.
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  2. Briktorian

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    Sep 6, 2015
    Her foot looks great. good job! As far as getting a scalpel goes im not too sure. I will be looking forward to seeing a answer.

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