1st time hatcher, eggs going in 1/8/12


8 Years
Dec 27, 2011
Sauk City WI
Hi all, I'm a brand new wannabe chicken lady. I have 13 eggs I received from mypetchicken.com today. I am letting them sit and then putting them in the incubator tomorrow. I would like to see who else is trying to hatch eggs in this time period. I know questions will come up for me since I'm new at this, and this forum was highly recommended!

In case you're curious I have 5 Easter egger eggs, 3 golden laced Wyandotte eggs, 3 black copper Maran eggs, and 2 blue hamburg eggs. I originally wanted all EE, so all other varieties were substitutions. I really hope and pray that I can get a 50% hatch rate!

Any really good advice that helped you with great hatches would be awesome. I have read and read and read some more but human experience is the best advice,

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