1st time hatching chicks-broody hen


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We have a broody hen. We bought her 6 fertilized eggs online. She's been perfect for the full 22 days. We haven't candled, moved or really even messed with her eggs. Not because we didn't want to but because she didn't let anyone near her. I have seen them and they are clean and unbroken. When should we start to worry? She's been nesting in common space. Do I have to worry about the other hens. We only have 3 others and we have never had any issues. Thank you for your help. We are very excited for our new little ones. What are our chances of any hatching? It is her first time.
If you haven't seen any sign of chicks yet -- no peeping, eggs not rocking, etc. -- it's possible that the eggs got scrambled in shipping and are not developing. Unfortunately, it happens. They should be handled a lot more gently by the postal service than they so often are. If you don't want to try to candle, and you don't smell a rotting egg, I'd give it a couple more days.

If you didn't mark the eggs and they look like the eggs your other hens lay, it is possible that they got mixed up. They will lay in a broody's nest and they will move eggs from one nest to another.
I bought easter eggers so I could tell the differents. My girls lay brown eggs. So sad!
I bought easter eggers so I could tell the differents. My girls lay brown eggs. So sad!
Yeah, I had 6 EE's for blue eggs for the grandkids, and felt lucky to get two that laid blue. Now I have 11, a motley crew, and all eggs are some shade of brown. Ah, well, they taste great!
Thank you for your help! I smelled all the eggs when she ate this morning and they have no smell and one looks like something is happening or did happen. Just little cracks. Still no noise or moving. The eggs seem really light.
Oh I meant it was sad no eggs were hatching not that I don't like brown eggs-they are my favorite. :)

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