1st time HATCHING ever!! But 1 day EARLY?!?! **PICTURES**

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    Hello All,

    I'm a new dad - it's my first time incubating anything!! I woke up to TWO CHICKS bouncing all over the place and one PiPin' n Zippin'. HOWEVER, they are MORE THAN 24hrs EARLY. Any insight on sides effects (etc) on premature hatches? And any reason for such an early hatch?

    Here are the variables:

    Silkie/S(s)izzle Bantam Eggs

    Jan 05, 2012 - into the incubator after 9 days of suspended animation
    10% humidity for first 10 days
    25-35% humidity on day10 - day18

    Jan 23 - lockdown on day 18 (evening time)
    75% - humidity

    Jan 25 (8AM)- two chicks completely out of the shell and walking (crawling all over the place), and one PiP

    I guess they go into the broader after 48hrs of hatching? Dip the beaks in water; then Gro-Gel Plus (ordered from Murray McMurray); then Turkey Starter Crumble...

    Thanks in advance for all your insights and comments!


    REF: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/...ow-low-is-too-low-10-humidity/20#post_8297736

    (ABOVE): The chick OUT of the carton and all the way to the right hatched from the egg all the way to the LEFT.
    The chick in the carton hatched from it's current location

    (BELOW): They appear lively and are jumping in and out of the egg carton (tipping over Hygrometers and everything!) Hope they don't get too exhausted. So 48hrs in here then they go to the brooder with real food and water?

    (ABOVE): A third egg has PiPed. Or is this called a Zip?
    since they all went in together, I hope they all hatch together. 3 of 6 so far!
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  2. really if you want too take them out when they dry off that way they wont hurt eany off the chicks that are trying to hatch.Oh and what incubator is it the hovabator genisis?
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  3. ChaddiX

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    In the time it took me to post the original thread (about 20 mins) the third egg HATCHED... the other two decided to come by and say "HI!"
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    Bantams will often hatch out earlier than 21 days; sometimes as early at 18 days.

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    May 31, 2009
    So exciting! Congrats. Now you're hooked! (Can you say "chicken math"?)
  6. silkymom1986

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    Oh how eggsiting!!! [​IMG] Congrats!!
  7. Fly Be Free

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    Jan 18, 2012
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    Don't worry about them bumbling all over the other eggs. Their activity seems to encourage those that are about to hatch. :) This happens in the nest naturally too. They are full of rich yolk and are good to go for a couple of days. I'll probably leave mine in for a day and then move them. Remember, Mama doesn't up and introduce the hatchlings to food right away. Especially if others are about to hatch.

    Congrats on your little fuzzbutts. I'm hoping for my bator to show up soon. :)
  8. ChaddiX

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    Thanks for everyones' support! Thought I'd introduce you to the proud Chicken Parents: Gaillo (rooster) and the Black Gaillina (hen):
  9. Fly Be Free

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    Jan 18, 2012
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    Oh aren't they beautiful!? Bet you have a pressure washer for your patio. :) heehee

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