1st time laying hen prolapsed...

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    Hope this helps someone else! Or, if I am doing something wrong, I welcome gentle corrections!!!

    On Wednesday I had a Buff Orpington prolapse as she was attempting to lay her first egg. It appeared as an egg-shaped red mass on her back end. I was able to gently push it back in and she pushed it back out. We went back and forth like that until I could feel the egg coming through a hole. I began to work her tissue around the egg and it came on out. I immediately took her and put her in our chicken hospital (a dog carrier).

    Read up on BYC and had my husband bring some some Preparation H and Neomycin antibiotic. Had to gently push her insides back in and apply the medicines. Covered her and kept her in the dark.

    On Thursday, continued to keep her in the dark. I am keeping her in the dark to try to break her egg-laying cycle! Seems like I had to push in just a little bit of her insides when I applied the medicines that morning. On Thursday, she was minimally interested in food and water. Applied the medicines in the evening.

    Friday, late morning, I took her out to check her bum, looked really good. Offered her a mash of oatmeal, her crumbles and water. She scrarfed it down!!! [​IMG] While she was eating, I was checking in her cage and lo and behold, she had laid another egg! I was quite encouraged because I already knew her bum looked good (nothing was inside out!!!). Still put the meds on in the a.m. Still attempting to get her to stop her egg-laying cycle so she can heal. When she pooped this morning, she kinda made a little cry and I saw a tiny bit of blood with the poop. When she pooped for me later, no cry and no blood! Later in the day, she scrafed down some vermicelli I had cooked up for her.

    I am thinking I may try her back out in the flock tomorrow (Saturday) around 3:00 p.m. Our sundown is 7:55. That would continue the attempt to stop her egg-laying cycle, but allow her to be with the flock and bed down with them. Then the plan would be to take her off the roost Sunday morning and put her back in the dark chicken hospital until around 3:00 again.

    Just wonder if I am trying to get her back to the flock too soon? I will watch her and see how she behaves with them. I will bring her on back in if things don't look good. I do have a roo and worry about him trying to cover her!

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