1st time mama not able to protect chick


11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
Madison Wisconsin
I have successfuly introduced incubator hatched chick ( only one survived the process) to a very loving mama silkie. The silkie was broody and is showing little one bugs and food and water and all of the rest. it has been 3 days and when i let them out with the other girls in our big run there are a couple of the big girls that want to get at the little chick. Mama sillkie jumps up and fights, which shocks the other girls 'cause mama was previously the bottom of the pecking order. The other girls zoom in if a fight occurs and i have to intervene to protect baby. We have been letting them out 4 or 5 times a day. most of it they stick together and have a good time, other times the fights or the chick not staying glued to mama.

Will this improve as the chick gets bigger? will the other girls stop pestering as everyone becomes acclimated? Should I just leave them free to come and go from the broody box and chick food area?
Take the moma and baby out IMMEDIATELY ! The baby should not be in with adult hens until it is big enough and fast enough to not need protection.

The adult hens will eventually 'get' the baby and the results will not be pretty . . . .
If momma can't watch the chicks close enough, probably best to give them their own diggs till they are a month or two old. I've had broodies hatch and raise babies in the coop with the adults, but broody was always top hen. Not even the rooster would look her way when she had babies or he was in for it. This girl I talk about is one who took down a hawk who tried to eat her baby, while the rooster was screaming in the bushes.
You painted a funny picture there!
I agree.......remove the babies from the adults. I read somewhere young chicks need to be separated from the rest until they are 8 week old............our couple of week old chicks got into the next door run last week where the adults were and the adults were terrified - cowering in the corner fun-ee!

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