1st time mom/ due 18th/ might they be early? / right on time :) pic

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  1. Hi! We were being cautious, but the 'wild pup', Flash, managed to impregnate our most fabulous, wonderful, chicken-tending, lost-chick-finding girl, Darby.

    I know exactly the date of the brief deed. She was fussy to go out one morning about 5:30, and I put her on her lead and came back in to start coffee.
    Before I got the water running, I heard a 'yelp' and ran back out to see the 'wild pup' mounting Darby. There was no actual 'hook-up'--- but it was enough aparrently.

    The Q is is 63 days usually the days to delivery or do first time mothers deliver early/late/no way to tell??
    My vet is so unhelpful (with a window of 7 days before or after and a reminder that she was scheduled to get spayed, but we hadn't done it yet).
    Hello, I know *exactly* when the deed *might* have been done.

    " Might she deliver early". I'm scheduled to be out of town on her 'actual due date', but I'm not sure if I move things forward or back. But on the other hand, dogs have been having puppies for a long time without me sitting in attendance.

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    Hi Lisa, just a little bad news, just like humans, the due date is "just an estimate", even with dogs. Wish they were more like eggs!!! I would say, monitor her, but she should have a nice quiet place to whelp if you do go out of town. I'm not familiar with her story, but if she is a small breed, I would leave her at a friends or boarder to watch, as they tend to be more prone to cesareans. Good luck! Steph
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    when i my yorkei had her first litter she was 3 days early that was last year and now she is due at the end of june agian . My sister let the male in with the female with out his diaper on so now we have another litter on the way . Post pics of the puppies when she has them . Good luck hope all goes well and smooth
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    Generally 62-65 days. Check her temperature daily. It will go down by a degree 24 hours before labor starts. Once active labor starts, she should have a pup within about an hour. You should read as much as you can about whelping so you have a better idea of what to expect.
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    Yes she can deliver early, or late.
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    Dogs rarely vary much, though a day or two before or after is possible, not a week. Generally when people think they are way early or late is because they don't have a definite breed date or the dog was bred several times over the heat cycle and no way to pinpoint when first fertilized.

    That is why, when breeding, it is best in planned breedings to only breed over a 3 day period. Dogs will generally deliver from the FIRST day of fertilization.
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    What breed is Darby?
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    My 2 Cocker spaniels are due on the 18 th also. Not an intentional breeding either. My sister was visiting from out of town and brought her boy cockerspaniel with her. My one has had pups before and she almost always delivers early. There is no excat way to tell unfortuntlly. If she temp drops and stays dropped then it willl probablly happen within 24-48 hrs this has been my expereince anyway. HTH. Good luck with your momma and her pups.
  9. [​IMG]

    We're not sure what breed or combinations of breeds she is. She and her brother wandered up here in May 06 as puppies (my nephew has the male).
    Possibly Border Collie and ???

    You know, I just realized she's over 2 yrs old and that was her first heat.

    I'm hoping she delivers as early as is safe [​IMG]
    I can feel a puppy wriggling around --- but just one.

    Oh my, Dfunny, that's exciting!
    Good luck with your girls.

    Thanks again,
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    she could be up to a week early,which may not be early at all,sounds like you werent really aware she was in heat,and since she didnt tie on the day you saw them she very well may have on a earlier day that you didnt see,in fact if you werent watching to make sure it didnt happen I would guess it did,like others said,give her a secure place to have them and watch her,she should nest for a couple days before hand,may not eat for a day ot two before,some whine alot others sleep..i wouldnt worry too much about it until the time comes,she may just have them all and surprise you one morning..

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