1st try at incubating eggs - 3 days in pics of quail eggs

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    My husband and I sat 90+ eggs in our incubator on Sunday evening. I candled some of them this morning and I was excited to see something inside. I am attaching some pics. I took them on my cell phone and it is really hard to take a picture when you are holding an egg in one hand in the dark.

    If you have some experience, can you tell me if this is life I am seeing.

    Also, I have some Cochin eggs also in there, but I did not see anything on them yet. Is it because it takes them longer than Quail?

    Well, as soon as I figure out how to attach the pics. Help. - GOT IT . [​IMG]




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    I'm having trouble seeing into the eggs. The one most lighted looks like it may have growth started. 3 days in is quite early to check chicken eggs, and I'm just now on my first try of quail eggs. For chickens, I'd wait 7-10 days before looking for development.
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    good luck hatching. Looks fertile
  4. I know the pics aren't the best. I can try to describe. I think I see the yolk, it is a little darker and in the center there is a small dot kinda reminds me of a comma (,) and then just some spider like line around them. I can see the air sac at the top of the egg, but I am not sure how big it is supposed to be. It covers most of the top of all the eggs.


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