2 1/2 Feet Of Snow In 1 Day

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Feb 19, 2011
LaFayette, NY
We are 7 miles south of Syracuse New York. We beat our record snowfall of 192 inches in one year.

Here are some pictures. Took all morning to shovel out. Hens are stuck in the coop once again. Poor girls.


The car burried in the snow.


the coop halfway covered in the snow.
I feel for you that is a lot of snow for sure...lol....

we've been getting quite a bit up here, but I will be honest we haven't gotten as much snow as the previous years. We've seen about 1 or 2 big snow falls which were both blizzards but it seems to me that the southern parts of my province have gotten the bigger storms.
I have WHAT in my yard? :

Wow you got clocked! Our sympathies! We got rain, rain and more rain..... It caused widespread flooding, but none for us. At least you don't have to shovel rain!

We got hit with 20 inches but it also drifted. I just went to chicken coop, had to wade through crotch deep snow. My biggest fear was that I'd fall down. The thing about this storm is that the local weathermen missed it badly--up through Saturday night the report was for 1 to 2 inches of rain with danger of flooding and, maybe, a couple of inches of snow. Ha!!
The yard stick reads 19 inches but that was before the whole thing had passed us. Oh yeah we still had most of our 90+ inches on the ground when this thing hit, but I'd shoveled the deck so where I measure it had been bare.
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husband went to work this morning and said the roads hadn't even been plowed yet. said it was the worst drive he has ever had getting to work. had enough snow this year thank you...
My deepest apologies and sympathy to Canton, Wild Orchid and Woodmort! We got it as torrential rain. Any more snow here and I will gnaw my own arm off at the shoulder. I cannot shovel any more. I hope it melts off for you soon.

Edited to include Wild Orchid-- sorry I missed you!
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