2 1/2 yr old hen w/googy stuff comign out of her vent

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    My Wendy, a wonderful momma, lays wrinkly eggs w/thin shells all the time - no matter what I do. It now seems that the eggs are coming out scrambled and drippy. Is there anything that I can do to help her? Her comb is still red, but she continually looks like she's trying to poop... with the tail raised, etc.

    Thanks for any help. She's a really good momma and I'd like to help her.

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    Quote:Yikes! I would soak her bottom in warm salt water and out her on antibiotics. Are you giving her oyster shell? I would also feed her some scrambled eggs with egg shell chopped up really fine in the eggs for her to eat--sounds like she's having a calcium issue? But antibiotics would be a must!!!
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    Thanks. And yes, there are oyster shells available all the time. I cannot put them in the feed since there are some younger chicks also eating the food.
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    Post a photo of her eggs if you have one. Wrinkly eggs can be indicative of diseases.

    Sounds like she's a candidate for one of the reproductive problems.
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    Quote:don't have one to photo. It's typically thin shelled and always extra round and wrinkled a bit.
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    Quote:so based on the links, her poops are normal. Her shells are very similar to what they show in the photos. She's been like this for > a year and she was wormed and shows no other signs of a problem... comb and coat are fine.

    I'm thinking that I'll put her in a pen with one of her 'daughters' who's broody and I'll feed her extra shells. She's a calm/relaxed good momma hen. I don't want to give her any antibiotics unless I see severe problems. Actually, if she does get bad I'll take her to the vet.
    In the meantime, I'm gonna give her a warm bath and keep an eye on her.

    Thanks for all of your advice. This has all been very helpful.

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