2-3 week chicks sneezing / Oxytetracycline dosage


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Oct 3, 2014
Hi, all, I have silkie chicks between 2-3 weeks of age. 2 of 5 have presented with sneezing. My local feed store sent me home with oxytetracycline but I feel better inquiring here about dosage. I have 10g of soluable powder. Any other ideas or suggestions for boosting immune system or how to keep these little guys healthy would be most appreciated also. This is my first season as a chicken owner and I'm trying to do the best I can. I prefer keeping things as natural or 'organic' as possible, but by the same token I am not willing to lose my flock. Thank you in advance!


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I'm guessing you have a package that states total weight at 181.5g(6.4oz) and contains 10g of oxytetracycline?

If so page 2

To make 1
400mg dose =
1.25 Tbsp per
gallon of water
800mg dose =
2.5 Tbsp per
gallon of water


May I suggest supplementing them with nutritional yeast (or even baking yeast) to give them a health boost, it has a boat load of Vitamin B complex and other goodies... Just sprinkle some on the food...
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