2-3 week old chick with what I believe is a slipped achilles tendon...

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    My first post on BYC.

    First of all, let me give you some background.

    I have lived in the city all my life. I always wanted to live in the country, and events happened that sort of gave me a taste of country life.

    A friend of ours found out that her mom has very severe cancer. She called us, and we drove 4 hours down and took over her house so she could fly to New Jersey. That includes taking care of her mentally handi-capped sister, and driving her daughter who is missing a leg (Car crash. Me, my mom, and sister were the first ones on the scene. But that's a different story)

    Well, we have been here almost a YEAR. While our friend was down there, her father passed away. Things are just crazy.

    ANYWAYS, our friend asked me if I would like to raise some baby chicks for her, and I jumped at the chance.

    We have 27 Jumbo cornish rocks, 12 Amarcaunas (I'm sure I mis-spelled that lol) and 6 Golden Comets.

    Everything has been going smoothly. I read as much as I could about raising them. I even built our own brooder out of wood and wire! However, I recently ran into a bump in the road.

    I noticed that one of our chicks (An ameracauna) had its foot sticking out to the side. I didn't think much of it. And a contractor came over to discuss building an addition to the house for her mom, who will be moving in when her Chemo is done.

    I'm also handling all the yard work, and taking care of her rabbits, and other chickens, along with 2 horses.

    SO with all of this happening, I didn't pay as much attention to the chick as I should have (No need for insults, I'm still kicking myself for this) and I just found the chick with its leg sticking out severely, and its having trouble walking on it. I instantly went online and started searching. First I thought it was spraddle foot, then I thought it was possibly Mareks disease. But now I believe it is a slipped tendon. The foot sticks out to the side, and where the bottom part of the leg meets the joint, it appears to be twisted.

    I am almost 100% sure it is a slipped tendon.

    So, now I need to know what to do. I did I small test run to see if I could get the tendon back in place, but it didn't help.

    I think I may have left it too long and now I think it may be too late. On top of all this, my Colitis is flaring up because I am stressed which is giving me stomach problems.

    I am prepared to either cull it, or try to fix it if someone can give me exact directions how to. Detailed instructions please.

    I know I can cull it, because when you are on a farm, you either learn to suck it up and end somethings life if it is in great pain that cannot be helped, or watch it suffer in pain. Hell, a cat was giving birth and passed away. So in an attempt to save the babies, I performed a C section! The babies did not make it unfortunately, and several people thought I was crazy, but hey, when you have the chance to save something, you do it.

    What I'm trying to tell you is that I am willing to do what it takes.

    Thank you
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    I'm sorry about your chick (and your stressful year)! Check out this site: https://sites.google.com/a/poultrypedia.com/poultrypedia/poultry-podiatry

    are details on how to replace a slipped tendon and how to make a hock cushion.

    I had a chick with a slipped tendon that ultimately needed to be culled, but there have been a few successes by BYC members on rehabbing their chicks.

    Good luck!

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