2-3 week old polish bantam, wry neck

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    Jun 15, 2016
    I believe my polish bantam has wry neck. I have just started my first "flock" so this is my first time dealing with this (my parents have raised chickens for years now and never had this problem.)

    I first noticed last night around 7 that her neck was a little funny, but still running around, eating, chirping away with the other chicks.

    When I went at 10 to check the chicks before bed, it had gotten worse, fast (is that normal????) She was laying in the middle of my brooder box, her head 180 degrees looking up at me.

    Per suggestions Ive read on BYC, I fed her some water from a medicine dropper, and had added some vit E capsules to the water. She looked so bad, I honestly wasn't sure she would make the night. I didnt have another heat lamp available, but I separated her out from the rest of the chicks into a separate basket till I could get a light in the morning.

    She made it through the night. I can still get her to drink water via the medicine dropper, I can't get her to eat (any suggestions for that?) I found a pharmacy in town that carries the poly vi sol w/o iron which I should be able to get around lunch.

    The poor girl can't move around much. How much water should a baby chick be drinking in a day? When do you think I would see any improvement?

    This chick has always been the most stand offish chick. Of my six chicks, this is the only one that won't come get treats (mealworms) from our hands...and now I'm supposed to feed it somehow and it just isn't amused.

    Any help I can get I would appreciate, thanks.

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