2 & a half week old chick sleepy + falling over

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    Jan 25, 2014
    This is my first time raising chicks and I am raising them with a broody hen (That's not broody now but was). I have three Rare Red Leghorn chicks that are 2 and a half weeks old. The order they hatched is their size order so my first one is pretty big, the second one is medium sized, and the third one had the smallest egg and is the smallest but its doing really well and so energetic.

    So only a few days ago I noticed the middle one was always resting like you know how their up right on the ground but their legs are tucked under so you can's see them? And when she walks she is like walking on top of the grass because she is not heavy enough to push the grass down but that's just like the others but she is like falling over so is that uncomfortable for her?

    Also, she is not staying with her mums (who's always walking around) she is staying under a tree resting or with the other chickens.

    When she walks, to try not fall over she will flap her wings and fall all over the place.

    Today I decided to lock her, her mother and her 2 siblings in the coop so they can rest (pretty much the middle one).

    I am a bit confused because she hasn't been pecked or hurt or anything and she's 2 and a half weeks old so she has made it through the first tough week of her life.

    Oh and I'm also going to try the sugar water to give her some energy and she's really healthy and eating and drinking water.

    I think she might have some sort of sore leg or something.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do to help her?


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