2 ADORABLE 8 week old buns - both girls (No. Va.)

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Northern Va.
    I brought home the mom and didn't know she was pregnant! She had 4 darling babies but one died. [​IMG] These babies (and mom) live loose in my laundry room. They are ALL extremely tame,affectionate and friendly. As soon as I open the door, they all come running over, crawl all over my feet, etc. One little girl is blue and the other is chocolate. They are not pure bred - can't really tell you what they've got in them. I would REALLY like to keep them together as they are sooo happy together. I might give away the little boy (blue) or mom, too. I only want two rabbits! I have a neutered male (which is why I got him a girl friend - no babies) and, of course, the girl friend was already pregnant. My luck!!!
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