2 Adult laying hens 4 eggs per day....every day.

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  1. Missymac

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    Mar 24, 2011
    I have 2 adult laying hens. One lays pure white eggs. The other lays a light cream colored egg. For the past week I have found 2 white eggs and 2 light cream eggs in the coop everyday. The next chickens closest to them in age are my 13 week olds. They are Tetra Tints and Golden Comets. Is it common for hens to lay 2 eggs a day? 2 in the morning, two around noonish? They are not boody. Neither of them have any interest in their eggs, they just lay them and leave them.
  2. mszekely

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    May 10, 2011
    Vermilion, OH
    Kinda weird. I thought it took 26 hrs to make an egg, which is less than 1 a day. Somebody's not talking!
  3. Katydid2011

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    Apr 22, 2011
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  4. flowergirl60

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    Feb 13, 2011
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    That just isn't possible. 25hrs a least to make an egg. I agree with mszekely, someone keeping their beak shut.[​IMG]
  5. purelypoultry

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    Aug 2, 2008
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    Quote:I would tend to agree. Seems like someone is laying in stealth mode

  6. storeman

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    Apr 21, 2011
    My first group of chickens I had 1 rooster and 2 hens. On many days I would always count on 2 eggs without fail, but on several days I would find 3 normal eggs in the box. And yes he is a rooster.


    Mar 2, 2011
    I come from a family of "mountain people" and the eldest often tell tales of hens that did this but in my 15 years with chickens, I have never seen this. It takes from 24-27 hours for the ovaries to produce a fully-formed egg. BUT it is not impossible.....not at all.

    This is how the hens reproductive system works ,

    Every hen is equipped with thousands of potential eggs which could be laid, but most of them will never develop to the point of ovulation because they don't fall into the uterus. During ovulation (egg development), "new eggs" fall from the ovule sack that holds them and they are moved into the uterus where they grow and the shells harden.

    The reproductive system within hens (of every breed) is timed down to a very predictable system. If this system is disturbed (from stress or a million other things) the ovule sack can release more than one egg, purely by mistake. When two "new eggs' are released, one of two things can happen, A very large double yolk egg or two fully formed eggs. This is potentially dangerous in some breeds because the reproductive system of a hen is designed to only hold one egg at a time and two can cause tearing which often leads to hemorrhaging and eventually death. However, some experts hypothesize that only one out of every ten hens that release two eggs instead of one actually die from this. Simply because it is usually a temporary condition that corrects itself within a short period of time.

    The real danger comes into play when the hen keeps laying two eggs in a day or double yolked eggs everyday. The reproductive organs are not designed (like humans) to stretch and adjust. When the hen reaches sexual maturity, her reproductive organs are the correct size and grow very little. The more often two eggs or a very large double yolked egg form in the hens reproductive organs, the more likely the organs will stretch beyond their limit and tear.

    The main cause is usually poor diet or stress. Try improving the calcium intake of the hens to prevent complications and help improve their living environment if they continue for more than a week.

    Hope this helps, I am very sorry that it was not more positive but the truth is more likely to help save them (if the condition persists) than me lying to you or avoiding all the facts. This post was free-written based on my understanding of the reproductive system and confirmed to be accurate by my very close friend who has been a veterinarian for 35 years. Any and all information is, to the best of my knowledge (and hers), the complete truth.

    Again Best of Luck

    Timothy in KY
  8. Missymac

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Thanks. Very good information. Today thus far I only got one egg. A light cream one. These 2 adult chickens were born in September of last year. which would make them 9 months old. Could it be that they are just still adjusting? I never said the breeds which are Polish and App. Spitz.

    13 weeks is pretty young for chickens to start laying right? I never found small eggs or "fart eggs" so I guess I was just assuming they were still too young.
  9. beanjean

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    Jun 3, 2011
    About 20 years ago I had an Americana who laid 2 pink eggs every single day and one or two days a week she laid a 3rd shell-less egg. At the time I had 4 hens, no roosters or any other birds. The other three laid aqua and green eggs so no confusing who laid what. It took a while to figure out who was laying the shell-less egg, but after much observation, it was her.

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