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2 Americauna/Easter Egger Roosters and 1 true Bantam Aracauna Rooster Free to Great Home- Walhalla,

Discussion in 'Animals In Need of Free Re-Homing' started by upmycreek, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. upmycreek

    upmycreek In the Brooder

    Apr 7, 2011
    [​IMG][​IMG] Blue Wheaton

    [​IMG][​IMG] Red/Black Olive Egger

    I'd prefer them not to be eaten and they are really sweet. The 2 Americauna/Easter Egger Roosters are 5 months old and have been vaccinated and de-wormed. They are currently housed together but one is starting to pick on the other so I need to find at least one a home as soon as possible. I have examples of their sisters in my photo albums if you'd like to see what they will produce. The dark red one is more than likely an Olive Egger producer and he hasn't finished growing all of his feathers completely out. The birds are extremely healthy and hardy and their older siblings are great producers, with very large eggs (many eggs are double yokers) and they are very balanced and big bodied (structurally) with great face muffs and pea combs. They also have the very best temperaments and get along great with mixed breeds from the flighty pendescenas and adalusians to the docile silkies and cochins.

    [​IMG][​IMG] Bantam Aracauna (1 year old)

    I probably should also find a home for my bantam aracauna rooster. He is also a mandatory good home- no eating please. He is 1 year old vaccinated and wormed and he is very very good with his ladies. He isn't rough with them and he will protect them against anything but isn't aggressive to you when you need to do things like vaccinate or hold them and he will eat out of your hand, too. He is a really friendly bird, but I have too many rooster and my neighbors are starting to get annoyed at their 5:30 am wake-up call by 6 roosters. He is a true aracauna, too.... rumpless, pea comb and all, but he is clean faced. I have his sister and an example of her very beautiful blue eggs, too.

    I am located in the corner of South Carolina and I am willing to travel a little to provide these boys with a really good home.

    Please send me a private message or post a reply if interested or know anyone that is interested. Thanks again for looking!

  2. mrwoodboat

    mrwoodboat Chirping

    Nov 25, 2012
    Hi- I am in Cola SC and am interested in adding these guys to my flock(s) I have 2 Aracuna hens but no roo for them...

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