2 Bantam Roosters- Barred Rock & Rosecomb WA State

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    Looking to sell our Bantam Barred Rock Rooster & our Rosecomb Rooster for $5 each to assure a good home, would make a good 4-H pet. We got them with the rest of our flock from Tractor Supply. Hatched March this year 2016. We just found out we can't have roosters where we live & want to stay legal before someone complains. Local pick up. We are in Bonney Lake, WA.

    We call the Barred Rock Stripes. He's very friendly, our toddler can handle him as you see in the picture & my 12yr daughter handles him daily. He shows his hens where to eat & what to eat. When we were adding in pellet food, the hens wouldn't eat the pellets & Stripes broke up the pellets for the girls.

    The Rosecomb we are pretty attached to. We call him Little Foot. He was the tiniest when he was a chick. Lots of personality & very easy to handle. My girls handle the chickens just about daily. We just had a hen hatch out most of his chicks so we know he can do his job lol.
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