2 Barred Rock Pullets 10 Weeks - Central Oregon OR

K7 Menagerie

11 Years
May 6, 2008
Bend, OR
Need to find a new home for my 2 barred rock pullets - my other hens are bullying them so badly they just hide in the corner of the coop and won't come out. 10 weeks now, have had them since they hatched. Very healthy, gave medicated feed until 8 weeks of age. Not aggressive, very sweet natured and shy birds.

$20 for the pair or will trade for a good natured rooster (no nasty mean ones, please).

I'm in Central Oregon (Bend area), willing to meet within a reasonable distance.

Gosh, why is everything I'm looking for so far away! I'm needing 2 BR pullets...you've got them. You need a nice roo...I've got him! Just my luck! Good luck finding homes for them. Wish I could help.
Hi have a friend in Bend will send her a link to your post.


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