2 Brand New Electronic Thermostats

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    Aug 15, 2009
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    Hello all!!! I have 2 brand new Paktronics electronic thermostats with mounting brackets. I had them shipped straight from Dickey. I dont need them and will sell them for $140 shipped or if you only need 1 it would be $70 shipped. They are $68 a piece plus tax and shipping from Mr. Dickey but ill cut my loses if you want them, otherwise Im sending them back to him Monday (I need the money). Just let me know!! Thanks!! Oh and I will also send step by step instructions on how to hook them up.

    Note: These can be used in any incubator, not just a Dickey. If you have any problems or need any further instructions, Mr. Dickey is a wonderful help and he is available for questions 7 days a week! Also please feel free to make me an offer if this is not reasonable. Thanks and have a very blessed day!!!



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