2 broodies 18 eggs and ants


6 Years
Apr 7, 2013
moncks corner s
So I go out to check on my girls sitting take them some goodies and I discovered they and their eggs are covered in ants. I candeled at day 10 and all doing great today we are on day 15. I sniffed each egg (yes I know that sounds horrible) none smelled bad . I don't know what to do.
I suppose there's 2 things you could try...
1) ant poison, you can get little tiny box ball things that they crawl into and eat, then die, this way it wouldn't hurt your hen.
2) try move her and the nest to a different area away from the ants, block up the last area, some hens take to it and others don't, but it's worth trying because who knows what'll happen if the chicks hatch, or worse, the hen stops with the eggs
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My chickens go. Crazy eating ants, I would move her then sprinkle a little of your birds favorite treat on or near the ants and they should go wild and eat them all. Then you could put the broody back if she didn't like the new place.

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