2 Broody Hens - Use Separate Wire Cage For Each?

MSgt Mike

Oct 15, 2017
Farmersville TX
We have 11 total, no rooster. They have been laying for less than 90 days and we've had 3 different hens go broody, one of them twice already. Now 2 of our 3 Welsummers are taking over the nest box, not laying for the past few days. We've used our 1 wire cage to break the other's but since we have 2 at once do we need to put them in separate cages? The cage we have is only 24x24x16 tall so I'm thinking it's probably too small for both. Just wanted some feedback before we go buy another broody buster. Thanks!


Scarborough Fair
6 Years
Jul 3, 2016
WA, Pac NW
My Coop
My Coop
You can try putting them in together (some broodies will tolerate this, others may not) but yes it's probably too small. I use a 4'x4' dog exercise pen for broodies, can fit 2 or 3 in there if needed.

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